Lion Lilies

A Dadworth Zine

Status: Complete

Lion Lilies is an unofficial Dadworth Zine exploring Miles Edgeworth and his parental relationship with the younger characters from Ace Attorney.This is a safe for work zine, and no explicit content will be allowed. Light cursing and canon typical violence are allowed.This is a non-profit zine. The goal is for all contributors (who wish) to receive a digital and physical copy of the zine. All other profits beyond the printing and shipping fees were be donated to the Raphael House of Portland. View donation hereYou can view all the information on this carrd in a Google Document by visiting our Info Doc.

Mod team

Organization, Writing, & Social Media
Téa is a recent college graduate who has modded over ten zines, including Silver Lining, which raised $2,000 for charity. They are also a zine contributor, having done cover art, page illustrations, merch, and fics. Téa has self-published, formatted, and marketed their own book, and was an editorial and social media intern at Macmillan. Other zine experiences can be seen listed on their carrd.

T. SILVER: FINANCES & PRODUCTIONHiyas! I've been doing money math-related creative pursuits for a while and this should be the fifth time I've been finance on a collaborative zine project. I love thinking about numbers and making things look pretty and will apologise for Dual Destinies for the rest of my life. In justice we trust!

LINK: GRAPHICS & FORMATTINGLink is a Film Production graduate currently working for a television casting company, who has done graphic design and formatting for zines and film production socials and pitch documents. With a wide variety of hobbies and interests spanning across all creative fields, such as screenwriting, acting, singing, making music, art illustrating and web design, Link is excited to be working on another passion project!

ANGELA: ART MODAngela has modded three other zines, including Burning Hearts: a Galolio Charity Zine which raised approximately $15,000 for charity. She has contributed as an artist and social media manager on all three zines, as well as formatted the latter two in their entirety. She is also currently the art mod of Unfolding Melody: a Klapollo Charity Zine. They are a senior Sequential Art major at SCAD.

ARIA: GENERAL MOD INTERNHi, I'm Aria! I'll be an intern on the mod team to learn about the zinemaking process and help out wherever necessary. I have some experience contributing to and running events plus moderating servers, and am always happy to yell about dadworth!


  • Interest Check: July 1st → July 30th

  • Contributor Apps: August 1st → September 15th

  • Contributor Results Emailed Out: September 22nd

  • Accept Position: September 30th

  • Creation Period Begins: September 22nd

  • Pitches Due: October 5th

  • First Check-In: October 22nd

  • Second Check-In: November 22nd

  • Third Check-In: December 22nd

  • Final Pieces Due: January 8th

  • Pre-Orders Open: January 15th

  • Pre-Orders Close: April 2nd

  • Production Period: April - June 2022

  • Shipping: Late September 2022

All dates on this schedule are subject to change. These dates are approximated due to shipping complications due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Schedule changes will be shared with both contributors and the public.

Application Guidelines

⬩ We are looking for about 30 artists and 10 writers. This is subject to change and does not include guest or mod contributors.
⬩ If linking to a locked portfolio, such as a Google Folder or Document, please make sure that it is available for moderators to open. While if we catch locked folders/documents early on we may request access, if we do not, we may not be able to evaluate your portfolio.
⬩ No contributors that create offensive content (such as content that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, incestual, pedophilic, et cetera) will be accepted. If a contributor is accepted and we later learn that they have made this content, they will be removed from the zine.
Mods retain the right to dismiss a contributor at any time for breaking server or zine guidelines.
Cover/Page Artist → Must submit three works that you feel best exemplify your work and style best. Ace Attorney characters are not required but appreciated.
⬩ At least one piece must have a background.
⬩ A portfolio—such as a Google folder, a website, an art tag, or an art moment—is recommended but not required.
⬩ We will be evaluating pieces based on anatomy, composition, and color.
Merch Artist → Must submit three works that you feel best exemplify your work and style best. Ace Attorney characters are not required but appreciated. If you have merch samples available, please submit them.
⬩ A portfolio—such as a Google folder, a website, an art tag, or an art moment—is recommended but not required.
⬩ We will be evaluating pieces based on anatomy, composition, and color, as well as how well we think your style will fit the merch items you showed interest in.
Must submit three works that are each under 3,000 words that you feel best exemplify your writing style. These links may be anywhere that is accessible to the mods, be it an Ao3 link, a tumblr post, a Google doc, et cetera. At least one piece must feature Miles Edgeworth.⁺
⬩ A portfolio, such as a Google folder, a document, or an Ao3 profile is optional. Please note that due to the amount of reading mods will have to do, we will not be able to read through many other fics, so make sure your three submissions are your best work.
⬩ You may submit excerpts from a longer work so long as they are understandable to the reader without context.
⬩ Please submit works that have been edited for grammar and spelling.
We will be evaluating pieces based on characterization, flow, coherence, and engagement.
⬩ ⁺ This is required because your piece will greatly involve Edgeworth in some way shape or form, and we want to get an idea of how you write him. This does not have to be a Dadworth specific piece. Thank you for understanding!
Click HERE to view contributor specific guidelines and specs

What does “Dadworth” entail?“Dadworth” is Miles Edgeworth and any younger character that he has a parental relationship with. This zine would like to feature a wide variety of characters interacting with Miles, and we’d love to have some of the focus be on AAI characters, so while we love Trucy dearly, she will not be the only one featured and this is not a Trucy and Miles specific zine! Please note that everyone interprets character relationships differently. Just because you may not see a parental relationship between two characters does not invalidate other people’s interpretations.
Are ships allowed in this zine?The focus of all pieces should be Miles and his relationship with one or more of his “kids.” However, the implication of some ships will be allowed in the background with approval of the mods.
Will this zine have AAI2 spoilers?Yes, this zine will have AAI2 spoilers!
Can I apply for multiple roles?Yes, you may. However, you may only be accepted as an artist or a writer. Only artists can be accepted for multiple positions, such as both a page artist and a merch artist.
Is there an age limit for applicants?You must be at least 16 years old to apply. Additionally, since we are planning to send all contributors (who would like one) a physical bundle, you must be comfortable with sharing your address with us.
Will you be shipping to the UK/EU?We believe that we will be having a separate store for UK residents to buy from on Etsy, which handles VAT taxes itself. This may cause a slight cost discrepancy between the main store and the Esty store to cover Etsy fees, but they should be relatively minor. We will keep the public updated throughout the process as VAT becomes more understood by the general online selling community. Another option may be group orders. Please stay tuned for more information. Thank you! Note: This does not apply to UK and EU contributors.
My question hasn’t been answered!You can contact us through our CuriousCat, mention or DM our Twitter, send an ask on our tumblr, send a DM to our instagram, or email us. If you are a contributor with a question, you may also mention a moderator in the zine Discord server. We will answer all questions ASAP!

Contributor Guidelines

These are the specs that contributors will be adhering to when creating their pieces. Please note that they are subject to change, especially after the interest check.GENERAL
⬩ If you accept a pinch hitter position, you acknowledge that you will have less time to work on your piece and will be able to work in a time crunch.
⬩ All works must be original and created specifically for this zine. Previously posted works will not be accepted.
⬩ If you need an extension for any of the Check-Ins, please ask a mod for one at your earliest possible convenience so we can make note of it. This goes double for the final due date!
⬩ If you have to drop out of the zine, please contact a mod as soon as possible! We understand life happens and there will be no hard feelings, but we would like to fill your position as quickly as we can.
Cover Artist → The cover artist will create the front and back cover for the zine, as well as the spine. Templates will be provided. The artist may do the typography/title of the zine themself, or choose not to and have it done by our formatting mod. Work must be 300 DPI and in CMYK. Size is to be determined.
Page Artist → Page artists must submit a complete illustration with a background. It must be 300 DPI and in CMYK. Single pages will be 6.69 x 9.61 inches. This size does not include bleed. A full spread would be 13.38 x 9.61 inches, not including bleed. Spreads/comics are limited and available on request/assignment. Templates will be provided.Merch Artist → Merch artists will design physical merch, which will be assigned with their acceptance. Design specs and templates (if necessary) will be given with the merch assignment; applicants will be able to choose which merch they are interested in drawing during the application process. Again, work must be 300 DPI and in CMYK.
⬩ We will be assigning some merch artists to design art for stretch goals. These artists will also have either a guaranteed piece of merch or a page in the zine regardless of if we reach these goals or not. Please know that if you are assigned a stretch goal merch item, it may not be produced. If a stretch goal is not reached and not produced in any way, the artist has the rights to use the work in their own shop.
Writers will submit one complete written piece, with a maximum word count of 2,000 words. The work must be edited and preferably looked over by a beta before being turned in. After submission, the writing mod will do a final read through of all the fics for formatting consistency between pieces and any spelling/grammar mistakes that may have been missed. Writers will see all these suggestions before they are made and can reject them if they feel they are unnecessary.
If they would like, writers and page artists are allowed to collaborate together on one cohesive idea. This can either mean making a page illustration to go with a fic, or spot illustrations to be placed throughout it. Specs will vary for illustrations depending on the fic and art, so pairs will be contacted by mods to discuss collaborations further!